Advisory service and VMS

nowadays by expanding use of information technology and communication and complexity of the role of virtual space in society, we see growth of cyber threats and increasing from day to day to discover vulnerability in technology, equipment, operating systems and…

Due to the daily development of these vulnerabilities, large and small organizations will be influenced by serious cyber threats, so continuous preparation and continuous observation on cyber – security is inevitable. on the one hand, the necessity of huge amount of equipment and technology in organizations, and the other hand discovering vulnerabilities that make 100  vulnerabilities in a month(which 10% of these vulnerabilities could important) if we haven`t knowlegment of vulnerabilities, we couldn`t eliminate the vulnerability in the first step, attackers can easily find a way for penetrate to our network.

 Advisory service

Nowadays one of the most important topics in the world of security is the CSIRT. A Computer Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT) is an organization that receives reports of security breaches, conducts analyses of the reports and responds to the senders. A CSIRT may be an established group or an ad hoc assembly.

In large organizations, there are a lot of equipment and technologies and services that involve complementary vulnerabilities.In the same way, we need a proper way to find and solve these vulnerabilities. So Security Advisory is responsible to fill this gap in organizations.We offer neutral advice to create a comprehensive strategy that helps you better prevent, detect and respond to threats and reduce risk.If any new vulnerability is introduced in the world of technology, contacted items will be notified in the least possible time and a proper solution will be provided according to the organization’s requirements in order to detect and resolve the vulnerability in the shortest possible time.

Enterprises need sound threat, vulnerability and risk management built on reliable security intelligence to stay ahead in a dynamic risk environment. we draw on their deep experience to develop or review existing vendor risk, risk management, or vulnerability management programs for our clients. It  execute technical-based engagements to help organization’s identify associated risks in infrastructure, mobile, applications, or IoT. Building robust vulnerability management and testing programs enable better risk visibility, allowing security leaders to strike a better balance between risk mitigation and business enablement.

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